The Great Basin Scottish Highland Games

Bringing the love and heritage of the Scottish Highlands to the Truckee Meadows through heavy athletics.

A celebration of Scottish culture, traditions, & the great highland games

Experience the love of Scottish Highland Heritage at the Great Basin Scottish Highland Games (GBSHG) presented by: The Northern Nevada Throwing Company.

Celebrating ancestral tradition, these unique events bring a taste of Scottish heritage to the Truckee Meadows area, featuring competitions like Stone Throw, Hammer Throw, Weight for Distance, Weight Over Bar, Sheaf Toss, and Caber Toss. Witness the impressive displays of strength, balance, and skill while enjoying beard competitions, coos, bagpipes, kilts, and vendors for an unforgettable experience.

Event Highlights

Northern Nevada Highland Scottish Dancers

Stop by one of our stages to watch the talented Northern Nevada Highland Scottish Dancer perform a traditional Scottish jig!

Bagpipers & Drumming

Enjoy the traditional sounds of Scotland.

Traditional Scottish Goods

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Scottish culture at our traditional fair, showcasing a delightful array of Scottish memorabilia. Discover a treasure trove of finely crafted jewelry, showcasing the intricate beauty of Scottish designs, clan tartans, authentic Scottish treats including irresistible shortbread, beautiful crafts, handmade gifts, and more.

Clan Research Booths

Have a question about your clan or think you might be Scottish? Take a look in our books full of clan names, you might even find your own! Catalogs of clan names can be found at the Clan Research Booths around the highland games grounds.

Beer & Food Vendors

There are several food and beer vendors throughout the event.

Highland Coos

In the vast grasslands of Scotland there are herds of shaggy haired Highland cows frolicing about. This year we’ve been able to bring the fluffy bovine here to Reno, Nevada! Check out Reno’s very own herd of Highland Cows, here at the Great Basin Scottish Highland Games.

Kids Area

We have opportunities for children to feed highland coos, and even practice with some of the equipment. As well as a kids area with some games.



"As a sponsor of the event, we are always impressed with the Athleticism of the competitors and professional of the organizers, this is a wonderful family-friendly event that opens the door to the legacy of Scottish Traditions"


Business Sponsor

"Competing in the Great Basin Highland Games is an exceptional honor, through months of rigorous practice and training we are able to share the true art and history of the Games with our community. "



"The great Basin Highland Games allow us an opportunity to learn a little about the ancestry of my family, enjoy great vendors and watch some world-class athletes compete."



Event Sponsors